ALEX LAFFONT S.A. - Agricultural recovery

RAG, RAB, RAC, RAR, RAD, are Alex Laffont SA's regional outlets.  Welcome to our website.  Please contact us for further information about our activities.

For almost fifty years Alex Laffont has been buying and dismantling secondhand agricultural tractors from all over France and abroad.

Alex Laffont S.A. buys secondhand tractors, whatever state they are in, all over France. The tractors are sorted and sent out to one of our five sites where they are dismantled. The secondhand parts are then sold.

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Almost 50 years of experience
4 km of shelves full of secondhand parts
5 outlets in France
45 people at your service.

Sičge social. Route d'Auch. B.P. n°20. 32502 Fleurance cedex. T 05 62 06 11 49  F 05 62 64 01 31ContactTop

Latest dismantling
Latest dismantling